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Windows 7

2009-12-02 21:22:12 by Exige2009

So I just upgraded my Toshiba with the new Windows 7 Home good so far. I have run into a few problems, but hopefully it's nothing but a simple fix of re-installing a driver. Here's to hoping 7 isn't a complete disaster like Vista was.


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2009-12-02 22:00:53

I think this Mac commercial says it best iheOM

so far Windows 7 has been a general success (as in no catastrophic failure or widespread crashes)

but I wouldn't pay money for it, especially when Google Chrome is going to come out soon

Microsoft is going to be destroyed when Google Chrome hits the OS scene and you can quote me on that

Microsoft is like a giant tower with an eroding foundation, the only things that support it are being systematically taken away

and when it falls the entire world is going to be effected

I wonder if Microsoft failing is going to be the beginning of The Apocalypse?

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