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My baby girl is born!

2010-01-07 01:00:18 by Exige2009

My baby was born this afternoon. Almost didn't make it to the delivery. I had a 2 hour drive from my work to the hospital and they gave me one hour to get there. I made it in an hour and ten minutes....going 95mph the whole way. Got there just as they were wheeling her into the operation room. I'm freakin' stoked!!! :D

My baby girl is born!


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2010-01-07 04:34:46

Hey man, congratz on the new menber in your family.


2010-01-07 16:21:57



2010-01-07 19:51:58

Christ she's Beautiful, but make sure she never ends up as a member of this site haha, congrats man, you should be proud.